Ganymede Submissions

SUBMISSIONS from gay men to interest gay male readers. Short stories, poetry, photography. No deadlines; simultaneous submissions OK. Contributors are not paid (nobody is), but we do effectively promote you, your work/services, and your website(s). No free print copies; even the editor must buy his own, though you get a free PDF of the entire issue provided your email can handle very large attachments (10+ mb). You retain full copyright on your piece and can re-publish it elsewhere afterward, though we appreciate a credit line.

Essays or short stories: We no longer accept unsolicited essays. For a short story, paste the first 500 words into the body of the e-mail itself; no attachments at this point. If we then ask you to submit your complete text, it must be a regular MSWord.doc (not Excel, not .docx). For more about short stories, see below.

For poets: paste your three best poems into the body of your e-mail followed by brief bio and your website link; attach your cutest photo of yourself. Poets published in Ganymede also appear later in our annual anthology, Ganymede Poets (click here). Ganymede now longer accepts Spanish-langauge poetry; more that half of current submissions are Spanish...please do not subject for another 8 months, then submit less

If you're a writer and would like to contribute, here's what we are looking for now:

> Short stories about gay male life with gay male protagonists.
Skip over coming out dramas and move directly to slices of gay male life actually lived: not whether the protagonist is gay, but HOW he is gay, in a rich stew of gay male friends, vividly drawn. Stories we publish are automatically included in our annual anthology, Ganymede Stories.

> Translations of foreign gay male fiction into English. Short stories or sample chapters from novels. Be sure to get (and document) any necessary permissions before translating the work. You retain full copyright and can shop your translation wherever you wish after it debuts in Ganymede; just give us a credit line upon re-publication. Perfect for a young translator who wants to build a portfolio of published work, especially in a market as brisk as gay male fiction.

If you're a gay male photographer...

We're kind of past model pin-up images, having published the three best practitioners in the business already, so now we are looking for:
> conceptual images using the male form (and not the female): browse the sample pages of photo portfolios posted on our main website
> EVERYDAY GAY: a series of photo essays depicting real-life gay male couples (young and cute, of course) living together over time. Should show strong personalities in varied, well-composed candid shots that tell an interesting story.
The photographer retains full copyright; his websites and books are effectively promoted; and concepts like these always make nice exhibits or books after they appear in Ganymede.
To be considered, submit just your website and/or flickr page links so we can browse at leisure, and not individual images as attachments.

Contact: ganymedenyc[at]
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